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The House of the Red Duke Book One: A Phoenix Rising: LOVE & WAR AT THE CANDLELIT COURTS! By Vivienne Brereton #BookReview #HistoricalFiction #Tudors @VivienneBreret1


The House of the Red Duke Book One: 

A Phoenix Rising:


By Vivienne Brereton

Be dazzled by the dancing, drama and display in Tudor England, Stewart Scotland, Valois France, and The Habsburg Empire.

Heady places of power, intrigue and lovers’ trysts. Where plans are equally likely to be drawn up for a bloody war, as for an extraordinary event such as the fabled 1520 Field of Cloth of Gold.

Meet Thomas Howard. Soldier. Statesman. Courtier. Head of one of the most powerful families in England. A phoenix rising from the ashes at the magnificent court of Henry VIII.

“If I have anything to do with it, we Howards will live forever.”

After a calamitous period of disgrace, Thomas’s family is once more riding high at court due to his intelligence and perseverance, and the part played by his middle son, Edward, a royal favourite known for his good looks, swagger and charm.

Thomas is a keeper of secrets on both sides of the Narrow Sea separating England from France. Mystery swirls around the lives of Tristan, Cecily,
Valentine, and Nicolas.

But there are no secrets that time does not reveal….

You would think that surviving six very different kings would be something of an achievement in itself. But no, Thomas Howard was determined to bring more glory and riches to his House. The only problem was old Tom Wolsley annoyingly had the ear of the king. And things never go exactly the way you had planned them.

First off, there are recipes in this book, and it isn't a recipe book, it's historical fiction. Recipes such as Thomas Wolsey's Hyppocras (which included two bottles of red wine - I like his thinking)! and La Colombe Cameline Sauce. No, I kid you not, there are recipes, I did not make this up. It is indeed a novel idea to include recipes and one that I have not come across before.

Secondly, there is a huge cast of characters, and I mean huge. If you don't know your Tudors from your Stuarts and your Habsburg from your Valois, then you may want a pen and pencil close at hand because although the author has included an extensive cast list at the beginning of the book, I loath having to flip back through the pages to find out who everyone is.  So, my notebook is filled with my scribbles - it looks a little like an elaborate family tree, only it isn't my family, I am pretty sure I don't have any Tudors hiding in my closet. Umm...?!

The story itself was fabulously delicious, much like some of those recipes, especially the ones that include wine. It is packed to bursting with over-inflated egos,  and those desperate to do anything to gain position and power. It also takes the reader on an intimate journey of discovery of Henry VIII early years.

There are several viewpoints in this novel, but I have to admit, my favourite was Thomas Howards. Although I am not sure he meant to, he really did amuse me, especially with his spats with Thomas Wolsey (the Snake). Thomas Howard may be old, but he is not quite ready to be put out to pasture. I think he was by far my favourite character in this novel as he was just so pig-headed and determined to see his family rise in station. He is the phoenix determined to rise again.

I thought this was a really well-crafted novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Now, where did I put those bottles of wine, I have a Hyppocras to make! If it is good enough for Wolsey it is good enough for me!

I was kindly given a copy of this book by the author but you can find your copy over on Amazon.

Vivienne Brereton

Born in historic Winchester, England, Vivienne has been passionate about the Tudors for as long as she can remember. This led to a degree in Medieval History and a growing desire to write a historical novel. Words have always played an important part in her life, whether writing, editing, teaching English, or just picking up a good book.

In preparation for her Tudor series, she did an enormous amount of research: reading, visiting historic buildings, art galleries, with the odd joust or two thrown in! She even mastered several Tudor recipes which are included in her novel. Seeing 'A Phoenix Rising', Book One of 'The House of the Red Duke' in print for the first time was a moment of great joy for her. She hopes that anyone reading it will enjoy the end result as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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On tour with Goddess Fish Promotions - Without A Head by M. Glenda Rosen @GoddessFish


Please give a lovely, warm welcome to M. Glenda Rosen who is on tour with Goddess Fish Promotions. Scroll down and check out the fabulous Giveaway!


by M. Glenda Rosen

Jenna Preston is used to investigating cheating spouses, fraud, and even a murder or two in her role as a private investigator. But she’s never consulted on a case quite like the one at Darcy’s Salon in East Hampton. A killer has struck and left behind a woman’s head in the upscale salon’s shampoo sink.  

As Jenna struggles to make sense of the what’s happened, she comes up against entitled and badly behaved beach dwellers, greedy parties with motives all their own, and the billion dollar beauty industry. With her loyal dog Watson at her side, Jenna pieces together clues and tracks down a killer who claims victims that are dying to be beautiful.

As a Private Investigator, Jenna Preston had been hired to help solve murders, insurance fraud, cheating spouses and more. This was a new one for her.

She received what could only be described as a hysterical call from Darcy Monroe, owner of a popular, upscale hair salon in The Hamptons. 

A head without its body was rolling around in one of her shampoo basins. 

Almost five-feet, five-inches tall, always looking taller in her two or three-inch heels, Jenna had long red hair, blue eyes and was often seen driving around the East End in a white jeep, and in recent years, with her Irish Setter sitting next to her.  

As a well-respected private investigator in the area, she told the salon owner, “I’ll be right there, and don’t touch anything until the police arrive.”

Jenna knew they needed to secure the business as a crime scene and Coroner Doc Bishop and Head of Forensics Lara Stern had to be brought in as well.

“Troy, someone left a head, without the body, in a shampoo bowl at Darcy’s Salon. I’ll be there in about ten minutes.”

”Damn it, Jenna, I nearly spilled my coffee listening to this bizarre message.  I’ll be there within the half hour. Meantime, I’ll ask Lara to get over there to check the crime scene for prints and other possible evidence and for Doc to arrange to bring the head to the morgue. We’ll want to look at it there, after he’s had a chance to determine how it was cut off and anything else he might find.”


Check this out - Anna DeForest is giving away a $30.00 Amazon / B&N Gift-card to one lucky winner.

Click HERE to enter!

Where to buy

Marcia Rosen (aka M. Glenda Rosen) is author of ten books including The Senior Sleuths and Dying To Be Beautiful Mystery Series and The Gourmet Gangster, Mysteries and Menus (with her son Jory Rosen). She is also author of The Woman’s Business Therapist and award-winning My Memoir Workbook.  Marcia was owner of a successful national marketing and public relations agency, received numerous awards for her work on behalf of business and professional women and has given many presentations, now as Zoom Events, such as: Encouraging the Writer Within You, Writing A Mystery...Not A Mystery, Book Marketing with Zoom and Podcasts, Writing From Your Soul, Memoir Writing and The Senior Sleuths & Dying To Be Beautiful Mysteries. Member of Sisters In Crime, Southwest Writers, Central Coast Writers and Public Safety Writers Association. Board Member, 2021, National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.

Connect with Marcia:

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On tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club - Beneath Black Clouds and White by Virginia Crow #HistoricalFiction #FrenchRevolution#CoffeePotBookClub @DaysDyingGlory @maryanneyarde

 I am so loving meeting all these new authors and their books since I have been a tour host for The Coffee Pot Book Club. Today I am hosting Virginia Crow, who, incidentally, loves cheese but hates mushrooms!! 

Beneath Black Clouds and White

By Virginia Crow

Despite adoring his family and enjoying frequenting gaming tables, Captain Josiah Tenterchilt’s true love is the British Army and he is committed to his duty. As such, he does not hesitate to answer the army’s call when King Louis XVI of France is executed.

Accompanied by his wife to Flanders, Josiah finds his path crosses with a man who could not be more different from him: an apprentice surgeon named Henry Fotherby. As these two men pursue their own actions, fate and the careful connivance of a mysterious individual will push them together for the rest of their lives.

But it is a tumultuous time, and the French revolutionaries are not the only ones who pose a threat. The two gentlemen must find their place in a world where the constraints of social class are inescapable, and ‘slavery or abolition’ are the words on everyone’s lips.

Beneath Black Clouds and White is the prequel to Day's Dying Glory, which was published by Crowvus in April 2017.

Now, all three girls watched excitedly as a large joint of beef, tureens of vegetables and the plate that housed the plum pudding were brought through from the kitchens downstairs. Arabella brushed a loose stand of hair from her face as she indicated to one of the footmen the food she would like. She was a lady in miniature, having learnt a great deal from her mother in her eight years, studying each movement that she made and trying to learn from the answers and instruction she gave. This great house would one day be her own, Arabella knew, and she wished to be prepared for such a day whenever it might appear. Imogen sat with her hands on her lap as she knew she should, having been taught ready for her seventh birthday next year, but her eyes sparkled as she took in the splendour of the spread before her. Catherine covered her mouth trying to hide the excited smile she felt creep across her face and she giggled into her fingers as her father stood to carve the meat. Being only four she had a long time to wait before she would be able to share this experience daily with her parents, and to be given an opportunity midweek seemed almost as exciting as the gifts waiting in the Drawing Room.

Captain Tenterchilt, who sat at the head of the table, looked at his gathered family and smiled slightly to himself. Elizabeth, whose eyes never strayed from her husband’s, followed his gaze and felt a similar smile catch her own features as she took his hand in her own. Arabella watched on from the other side of the table, unsure whether she should take her father’s other hand but deciding against it.

“Catherine,” Imogen hissed as her younger sister picked up one of the potatoes in her hand.

“It is alright, Imogen,” her father said gently, while Elizabeth helped her youngest daughter with her cutlery. Generally, their mother would not do such a thing, but Christmas brought great acceptance and leniency within the family hierarchy.

“My dear ladies,” Captain Tenterchilt said, rising to his feet. “A very happy Christmas to you all. I shall not make a long toast, or Cat may not be able to contain her excitement.” Imogen watched as her mother frowned slightly, but her father continued. “But with the events that brew overseas this might be our last Christmas together for a time.”

“Josiah, please,” Elizabeth whispered as Imogen’s eyes filled with tears.

“War is in a man’s nature, Elizabeth,” he replied, looking around the table. Imogen kept her eyes fixed on her father as he continued speaking.

“I do not mean that I shall die, my dears, only that war does not know the holy days and festivals which we observe.”

“But, Papa,” Arabella whispered. “You have missed our last two Christmases.”

“It is the price military men must pay, my dears.”

“I hope that my Christmas miracle might be that you are returned to us for next Christmas, Papa,” Imogen whispered with great earnest. Catherine looked across at her father and nodded, unable to say anything with her mouth full of plum pudding.

“You could not wait, my little Cat,” Josiah smiled across at his youngest daughter who shook her head, giggling into her hands once more.

“Her name is Catherine,” Elizabeth whispered, looking at her own plate but seeing nothing. She loved Josiah so overwhelmingly, but she had been forced to acknowledge that, while she held the highest position in his heart, he still belonged very much to the army. Her husband had only just returned to her from his exploits in India, where he had fought in the Kingdom of Mysore. That he was already planning and anticipating his return to conflict left a bitter taste.

“Then, here is a health to my beautiful ladies,” Josiah continued, lifting his glass to them all. Arabella and Imogen copied him while Elizabeth begrudgingly lifted her glass and encouraged young Catherine to do the same. “Merry Christmas, my dears.”

“Merry Christmas, Papa,” the three girls chimed as one before Elizabeth set her own glass on the table, untouched. At once the children began eating and their mother watched as the three of them, with varying manners, enjoyed their dinner. She tried to recall the celebration of the day, and smiled at each one of her family, but could not bring herself to engage in conversation.

Doesn't this book sound amazing?! You can grab your copy over on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Smashwords, Kobo & Barnes and Noble.

Virginia Crow grew up in Orkney, using the breath-taking scenery to fuel her imagination and the writing fire within her. Her favourite genres to write are fantasy and historical fiction, sometimes mixing the two together such as her newly-published book "Caledon". She enjoys swashbuckling stories such as the Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and is still waiting for a screen adaption that lives up to the book! When she's not writing, Virginia is usually to be found teaching music, and obtained her MLitt in "History of the Highlands and Islands" last year. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of music, especially as a tool of inspiration. She also helps out with the John O'Groats Book Festival which is celebrating its 3rd year this April. She now lives in the far flung corner of Scotland, soaking in inspiration from the rugged cliffs and miles of sandy beaches. She loves cheese, music and films, but hates mushrooms.

Connect with Virginia:

Website • Twitter • Facebook • Instagram • Publisher

Blog Tour - The London Monster by Donna Scott #HistoricalFiction #TheLondonMonster #BlogTour #CoffeePotBookClub @D_ScottWriter @maryanneyarde


Once, again, I am taking part in a tour alongside The Coffee Pot Book Club – I don't think I can ever get bored of all the great new books I'm being introduced to! And that cover, have I mentioned that cover - it is fab-u-lous!! 

The London Monster

By Donna Scott

In 1788, exactly one hundred years before Jack the Ripper terrorizes the people of London, a sexual miscreant known as the London Monster roams the streets in search of his next victim…
Thomas Hayes, having lost his mother in a vicious street assault, becomes an underground pugilist on a mission to rid the streets of violent criminals. But his vigilante actions lead to him being mistaken for the most terrifying criminal of all.
Assistance arrives in the form of Sophie Carlisle, a young journalist with dreams of covering a big story, though she is forced to masquerade as a man to do it. Trapped in an engagement to a man she doesn’t love, Sophie yearns to break free to tell stories that matter about London’s darker side—gaming, prostitution, violence—and realizes Tom could be the one to help. Together, they come up with a plan.
Straddling the line between his need for vengeance and the need to hide his true identity as a politician's son becomes increasingly difficult as Tom is pressured to win more fights. The more he wins, the more notoriety he receives, and the greater the chance his identity may be exposed—a revelation that could jeopardize his father’s political aspirations and destroy his family’s reputation. 
Sophie is also in danger as hysteria spreads and the attacks increase in severity and frequency. No one knows who to trust, and no one is safe—Tom included, yet he refuses to end the hunt.
Little does he realize, the monster is also hunting him.

Where to buy

Don't hesitate - go and grab your copy now!

Amazon UK. Amazon US.

Donna Scott is an award-winning author of 17th and 18th century historical fiction. Before embarking on a writing career, she spent her time in the world of academia. She earned her BA in English from the University of Miami and her MS and EdD (ABD) from Florida International University. She has two sons and lives in sunny South Florida with her husband. Her first novel, Shame the Devil, received the first place Chaucer Award for Historical Fiction and a Best Book designation from Chanticleer International Book Reviews.

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BOOK BLAST - She Sees Ghosts By David Fitz-Gera #HistoricalFiction #Supernatural #SheSeesGhosts #CoffeePotBookClub @AuthorDAVIDFG @maryanneyarde

The title of this book just makes me want to pick this book up and read it - I love anything supernatural. The exciting thing about this book is that it is FREE - that's right I said FREE - on #Kindle for a Limited Time.

She Sees Ghosts―The Story of a Woman Who Rescues Lost Souls

(Part of the Adirondack Spirit Series)

By David Fitz-Gerald

A blazing fire killed her family and devoured her home. A vengeful demon haunted her. Ghosts of the Revolutionary War needed help that only she could provide. A young woman languished, desperate to survive, and teetered on the edge of sanity.

Mehitable grew up in a freshly tamed town, carved from the primeval forest. Family, friends, and working at the mercantile filled her days and warmed her heart. For Mehitable, life was simple and safe, until tragedy struck. When her family perished in their burning home, she retreated into a world of her own making.

As a young girl, she had seen glimmers, glimpses, and flickers of the spirit world. She closed her eyes. She turned her back. She ignored the apparitions that she never spoke of, desperately hoping they would leave her in peace. She was mistaken.

Grief-stricken, Mehitable withdrew from the human world. Ghosts were everywhere. They became bolder. She could no longer turn her back on the spirit world. Her friends feared for her survival. Nobody understood her. She would have to find her own way.

Fans of TV’s Ghost Whisperer and Long Island Medium will especially love She Sees Ghosts. This historical novel features memorable characters and delivers bone-tingling, spine chilling goosebumps. It stands on its own and it is the next installment in the Adirondack Spirit Series by the award-winning author of Wanders Far―An Unlikely Hero’s Journey. David Fitz-Gerald delivers a historical novel with a bittersweet ending that you won’t see coming.

Would she save the spirits’ souls, or would they save her? Only time would tell.

Watch the book trailer - it really will make your day! I LOVE IT!! 

"Now her family exists in a smokey swirl...!!" LOL!

Where to buy

I grabbed my copy from The Coffee Pot Book Club, as I am taking part in the blog tour for this book in January, but you can grab yours for FREE on Amazon.

David Fitz-Gerald writes fiction that is grounded in history and soars with the spirits. Dave enjoys getting lost in the settings he imagines and spending time with the characters he creates. Writing historical fiction is like making paintings of the past. He loves to weave fact and fiction together, stirring in action, adventure, romance, and a heavy dose of the supernatural with the hope of transporting the reader to another time and place. He is an Adirondack 46-er, which means that he has hiked all of the highest peaks in New York State, so it should not be surprising when Dave attempts to glorify hikers as swashbuckling superheroes in his writing. She Sees Ghosts―A Story of a Woman Who Rescues Lost Souls is the next instalment in the Adirondack Spirit Series.

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Restitution by Janet Lee Berg - a novel that should be on your to-read list! #HistoricalFiction #BlogTour #CoffeePotBookClub @janetleeberg1 @maryanneyarde


I am taking part in another fabulous virtual blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club. You just have to read an excerpt of Restitution by Janet Lee Berg. 


By Janet Lee Berg

“Restitution” is the riveting, multigenerational story of Sylvie Rosenberg, a Holocaust survivor traumatized by the memory of her art dealer father forced to trade paintings with the Nazis in an attempt to save their large extended family.  Sylvie’s adult life in 1970s New York is plagued by survivors’ guilt and bitterness.  But when her self-destructive ways threaten to upend the life of her Vietnam-vet son, Sylvie finally needs to face her demons.  She returns to Holland to confront her past and fight the Dutch judicial system for the return of the masterpieces, but the battle proves far more difficult than Sylvie imagined...

Weaving in tragic true events from her own family history, Berg offers a sensitive story of history, romance, and humor along with detail from the extensive research of Lynn H. Nicholas, the world’s leading expert on art pilfered during WWII. Over 80 years later, the real family still awaits justice and the return of artwork that continues to hang on museum walls, without noting their tragic history…    

Michael blamed his mother for many things, including letting  his father walk out on them. My father’s a stranger to me. I lost him  the same day I lost my first tooth. Michael could still see his six-year old self in the mirror staring hard at the hole where the tooth had  been, the toothbrush bristles against his sore gums. He remembered  his tears running into his mouth, the salty taste mixed with blood.  But he could hardly remember the back of his father’s head when  he had slammed the front door and walked out without looking  back. Maybe by the time a new tooth replaced the empty spot his  father would be back. But he didn’t come back, not even long after  Michael’s adult tooth emerged. 

Mom forgot to put a quarter under my pillow that night. What  did I know, a dumb little Jewish kid? I never enjoyed the splendor of  the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus . . . no way was I ever going to believe  in the tooth fairy. Or in my father. I kept that pain to myself. I guess  we all collect our own little secrets. 

Michael wasn’t just an only child. He was a lonely child. He didn’t  have much of a family and he wondered why, trying to put the puzzle  together: his famous grandfather, the world-renowned art dealer;  his grandmother, the socialite who had the servants dress the four  children in their best clothes. Michael envisioned them running  through the three-story house in Holland all those years ago. 

Michael heard a few obscure anecdotes about the once aristocratic family he’d never met; her siblings were still living in  Europe. He could see the angst on his mother’s face as she told him, particularly when she mentioned Gretta’s name. 

One thing his mother made perfectly clear was that people were  not to be trusted, even family. “The ones you especially have to be  leery about,” she had said, “are the ones that profess their love for you.” 

He knew in the later years exactly who she was referring to. His  mother wanted to be the only one in Michael’s life because she would  never abandon him—not like his father had done. Never! And she  had done everything in her power to keep her only Jewish son apart  from that gentile girl named Angela. 

After a night out drinking with the guys, Michael had become  irrational. With a hangover, he had enlisted in the Army the next  morning. He immediately knew he had made a grave mistake. Soon  after, he and Angela separated. The girl was right all along—Michael  wasn’t strong enough to stand up to his mother. Ironically, when  Michael had lost his will to live, Sylvie reached out to his Christian  girlfriend and told her where to find him. “Tell him the truth, Angela.  Only you can. Tell him the secret his mother kept from him his  entire life.” 

Michael finally confronted her. 

“How could you not tell me that I have a brother, Mom? You  could have told me ten, fifteen years ago. He could have been part  of our family after Dad walked out.” 

“I’m sorry, Michael,” she had repeated over and over through  the tears. “I know it was a terrible secret to keep from you. Believe  me, I lived with the guilt.” She turned away. “I can’t talk about this  right now. Please, don’t make me . . . I never could tell you because  I wasn’t sure you’d forgive me. I wasn’t sure I had forgiven my own  sin,” she whimpered. 

“Stop! I don’t believe in sins. Being human means you’re allowed  to make mistakes. And mistakes can be forgiven.” 

Sylvie had covered her mouth in shame. “I was so young,  Michael.” 

“I would have understood,” he said.

Michael imagined his mother as a young girl who missed her  father and who had only known about showy dresses and expensive  jewelry back in her homeland. She had witnessed the suffering of  others during the war and feared the same horror could befall her  own family. Still, it was difficult for him to ignore her shallow lifestyle. 

During college, Michael rebelled against Sylvie’s materialism. He  practiced meditation, read Indian philosophy, and smoked a lot of  weed. It wasn’t until the day he met Angela, when he shed his sandals  on the beach and ran into the ocean waves to rescue the gentile girl,  that he saved himself from going under.


I definitely what to read it after checking out that excerpt. If you are looking for that last minute xmas present for a family member or a friend that adores quality history fiction then this book might just be what you are looking for! Pick up your copy on Amazon UK • Amazon US • Barnes and Noble • Books-a-Million

Janet Lee Berg is a native New Yorker with a residence in Charleston, SC.  She is also author of several other works of fiction and children’s books and has had her work featured in the local, regional, and national press.  A journalist in the Hamptons, Janet Lee Berg has interviewed numerous celebrities and pursued an MFA in Creative Writing, under the direction of published professors including Frank McCourt, author of Angela’s Ashes.  


Social Media Links:

Website • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Goodreads 

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Book Review, By Love Divided (The Lydiard Chronicles Book 2) By Elizabeth St.John


I am loving being part of the virtual blog tours that The Coffee Pot Book Club organises - all the new books I am being introduced to, it is a bookaholic's heaven! Today, I am welcoming Elizabeth St.John and her fabulous book, By Love Divided on to my blog.

By Love Divided

(The Lydiard Chronicles Book 2)

By Elizabeth St.John

London, 1630. 

Widowed and destitute, Lucy St.John is fighting for survival and makes a terrible choice to secure a future for her children. Worse still, her daughter Luce rejects the royal court and a wealthy arranged marriage, and falls in love with a charismatic soldier. As England tumbles toward bloody civil war, Luce’s beloved brother Allen chooses to fight for the king as a cavalier. Allen and Luce are swept up in the chaos of war as they defend their opposing causes and protect those they love.

Will war unite or divide them? And will they find love and a home to return to—if they survive the horror of civil war. In the dawn of England’s great rebellion, love is the final battleground.

A true story based on surviving memoirs, court papers, and letters of Elizabeth St.John's family, By Love Divided tells of the war-time experiences of Lucy St.John, the Lady of the Tower. This powerfully emotional novel tells of England's great divide and the heart-wrenching choices one family faces.

Have you ever had that feeling when you pick up a new book and you somehow just know it is going to be absurdly brilliant? Brothers in arms and a family torn apart by a brutal civil war - the blurb and that amazing cover were all I needed to convince me that I had to read this book. 

I have composed some top tips that you need to follow to the letter if you want to get the most enjoyment from this book. They are as follows:

 • hot chocolate on tap

 • enough food close to hand, so you do not need to get up

• at least a couple of hours of utter peace and quiet 

- as if that was going to happen at my house

Nevertheless, I bravely battled on, snatching moments to read this book whenever I could. But Oh, how I longed for just a few hours so I could sit and read without any interruptions because this story really did deserve all of my attention. 

The story is so heartbreakingly tragic, especially when I realised it was based on a real family and real events. How absolutely awful for Lucy Apsley as she was forced to watch her family torn apart by something as ugly as politics. So very sad. However, Lucy's determination to not let their political beliefs divide them is heartwarming and just goes to show that there is always a way, even when opinions differ, to stay together.

I thought this novel was really really good. It is the kind of book that I will read again and again just because it is so beautifully written and the story is so very beguiling. This book is definitely a keeper. 

*Add it to your Xmas list and maybe Santa will bring it in your stocking! 

I received my copy from The Coffee Pot Book Club but you can grab yours from Amazon (Universal link) or Books2Read

Elizabeth St.John spends her time between California, England, and the past. An acclaimed author, historian, and genealogist, she has tracked down family papers and residences from Lydiard Park and Nottingham Castle to Richmond Palace and the Tower of London to inspire her novels. Although the family sold a few country homes along the way (it's hard to keep a good castle going these days), Elizabeth's family still occupy them-- in the form of portraits, memoirs, and gardens that carry their legacy. And the occasional ghost. But that's a different story.

Having spent a significant part of her life with her seventeenth-century family while writing The Lydiard Chronicles trilogy and Counterpoint series, Elizabeth St.John is now discovering new family stories with her fifteenth-century namesake Elysabeth St.John Scrope, and her half-sister, Margaret Beaufort. A new medieval short story featuring these women, Road to the Tower, is within the recently-published Historical Fiction anthology Betrayal.

Connect with Elizabeth:

WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramAmazon Author PageGoodreads


The House of the Red Duke Book One: A Phoenix Rising: LOVE & WAR AT THE CANDLELIT COURTS! By Vivienne Brereton #BookReview #HistoricalFiction #Tudors @VivienneBreret1

  The House of the Red Duke Book One:  A Phoenix Rising:  LOVE & WAR AT THE CANDLELIT COURTS!  By  Vivienne Brereton Be dazzled by the d...